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Secretary Message

Dear friends,

I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the members of the New Delhi Bar Association for providing me opportunity to serve the Bar as Hony. Secretary by reposing your trust. I must express my heartiest congratulations to you all for electing a team of Executive Committee having determination to serve the Bar in best possible manner and to the best of their satisfaction.

I, on behalf of myself and all the members of the Executive Committee, assure you that we shall bring complete transparency in respect to affairs of the Bar and shall endeavor to fulfill all reasonable expectations of members of New Delhi Bar Association as a complete team within the framework of Constitution of NDBA.

As a Hony. Secretary, it will be my commitment to the Bar that Patiala House Court Complex gets a complete facelift by making all possible beautification within permissible limits. It will be my endeavor to ensure that Bench – Bar relationship is maintained cordial and a friendly working environment is maintained amongst the members of the Bar.

To achieve the aforesaid vision, I look forward with expectations to seek most valuable support and contribution of the members of the Bar who are my real strength and who will make all my vision come true.

I shall remain indebted to the members for their support and co-operation in all time to come.

With Regards,
Nagendra Kumar